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Marketing & Advertising Litigation Attorneys in CT

Knowledgeable Representation for Connecticut Publishers

Much like any other business, marketing and advertising firms face a variety of issues that may evolve into serious legal problems over time. Customers may fail to pay their bills; publishing errors or omissions may interfere with marketing messages; customers may be disappointed with the performance of their advertising.

Ciulla & Donofrio LLP: Civil Litigation Attorneys
Sophisticated Solutions to Complex Legal Problems

At Ciulla & Donofrio, in North Haven, Connecticut, we provide experienced representation for publishers, marketing firms and advertising companies that have encountered a wide range of legal concerns.

  • We provide general business law services, such as contract drafting and review.
  • We handle commercial collection matters, to assist firms who have not been paid for their services.
  • We advise clients on legal matters related to data collection, privacy and information security law.
  • We offer litigation services to address any disputes that marketing and advertising firms encounter, from allegations related to a breach of contract to tort claims such as defamation.

We have extensive experience handling litigation concerns for marketing and advertising firms; in 2008, AT&T selected our firm as a “Go-To Law Firm” for litigation.

Comprehensive Defense for Marketing and Advertising Services

When defending marketing and advertising firms, we begin with a comprehensive evaluation of the situation at hand. Before working toward a resolution, it is necessary to evaluate whether a customer has a legitimate grievance against our client, or whether the customer is simply attempting to avoid contractually-required payments. Because of our experience, we know the difference.

During our case evaluation, we will consider the allegations, the possible consequences and the potential remedies. If there was a breach of contract or a tortious act, it must be identified, both to reach a mutually agreeable solution and to avoid similar problems in the future.

Following the evaluation, we will immediately begin working toward a favorable resolution. We are focused on the ultimate results, and understand that every case and legal issue is unique. As a result, we don’t approach every case in the same way. However, we are always cognizant of the importance of maintaining customer relationships while still protecting our clients’ interests.

For more information about our practice, or to discuss your legal concerns with a lawyer who understands marketing and advertising firms, contact our law offices today.

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