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The Internet continues to rapidly evolve as a communications medium. While a tremendous resource when utilized properly, the Internet has created new legal issues for businesses, including issues of privacy, intellectual property, data security, and defamation.

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At Ciulla & Donofrio, in North Haven, Connecticut, our attorneys are on the cutting edge of Internet-related law and litigation, helping clients navigate this emerging area of the law both in preventative and enforcement roles. As chair of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Legal Technology Committee, Attorney Jeffrey Donofrio is a frequent lecturer and author on issues related to legal technology and has written about the issues presented by online defamation.

Representing Victims of Cyber Libel

Incredibly, entire websites and blogs are dedicated to disparaging businesses and individuals. The culprits can disseminate inaccurate and potentially damaging information that can result in a wide variety of negative consequences — harm to reputation, adverse impact upon a public company’s stock price, harm to employee morale, loss of consumer confidence, benefits to competitors, emotional distress for the victims and their families and financial losses in an attempt to overcome or mitigate the results of the defamation. We recognize that every situation is unique and requires careful analysis and customized advice.

Our lawyers understand the issues that pertain to this developing area of law, including:

  • Personal jurisdiction: Which court has jurisdiction over the person committing the defamation?
  • Subject matter jurisdiction: Is this a state or federal court matter?
  • Identity: Defamatory statements are often posted anonymously on the Internet. Can the Internet Service Provider be compelled to turn over identifying information about those who post defamatory content?
  • Causes of action: Negligent or intentional infliction of emotional distress, unfair competition, defamation, and intellectual property issues such as copyright, trademark, trade secret, and trade name infringement are common claims.

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