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At Ciulla & Donofrio LLP, we are constantly striving to learn, adapt and improve our skills. We take our job as trusted legal advisors for Connecticut businesses and municipalities very seriously. Regardless of whether you are faced with significant legal challenges or simply need help with a single discrete matter, we are always available and prepared to be your advocate.


Publishing self-promotional material is not what we are about. We are all about delivering reliable, responsive, cost-effective, client-specific services every single day. Do not take our word for it; we invite you to browse the following section to see what  some of our  clients say about us.


Incredible Experience!

We happened upon Attorney Lou Dagostine when doing some internet research to find a lawyer who specialized in New Home Construction issues. From the very first phone call (which was returned promptly from an initial, brief email inquiry) Lou took the time to listen to our concerns (really hear and understand what we were saying). We were educated on what our options might be and advised that his goal is to handle our situation without us incurring unreasonable costs. His primary goal was to try to avoid litigation if possible, while negotiating a fair and reasonable settlement. Lou certainly held true to his word. We paid a retainer fee and received monthly invoices detailing the time spent on our case. We were kept well informed of the progress he was making, without having to request updates. It was extremely rare that I would contact Lou as he would reach out to us when something additional was needed, but kept the communication and progress going with the Respondent. Lou’s confident, yet personable demeanor is carried forward during negotiations leading to results in an extremely reasonable time-frame. Our case was settled without litigation (although he made it quite clear to the opposing party that he would file the law suit tomorrow if need be) and within the amount of our initial paid retainer in less than 5 months. Considering we’d been trying to handle the situation ourselves for more than 2 years, this result is incredible.

We are so happy to have stumbled upon Attorney Dagostine and his firm. As each lawyer in the firm specializes in different areas we intend to contact Ciulia & Donofrio, LLP for all of our future needs, such as having a Will prepared, which is something that we have been avoiding, but with the comfort level that we have experienced working with Attorney Lou Dagostine of Ciulia & Donofrio we have no reservations whatsoever.

Bill & Kelly

Testimonial for Attorney Jeffrey Donofrio

First I would like to say that, if it were not for the fact I consider Attorney Jeffrey Donofrio to be one of the most trustworthy individuals I have ever met, I would not even consider writing a review. In addition, while his responsiveness and keeping his clients informed of all on-going situations is without question, his most important value is his knowledge and his ability to communicate that knowledge.

Specifically on the municipal side, there is no delay in looking up statutes or precedent. With his vast experience, Attorney Donofrio actually has that information at his fingertips. Of course there are situations that require research, but what I would refer to as the “bread and butter” issues are answered to department heads instantly.

In regards to construction contract documents, ordinances, and opinions drafted, I have found his legal opinions to be clear and precise… fair while protecting the Towns’ position.

In reference to construction law (non-municipal side), I have used Attorney Donofrio on several occasions and I have been even more impressed. His service has resulted in, at times, a positive outcome or an outcome that was mitigated as best as possible.

In cases of arbitration, I have always felt that I had the best lawyer in the room.

In closing, it would be hard to find a better lawyer than Attorney Donofrio. He is a credit to his profession.

Richard M.

More Than We Could Even Ask For

Louis helped us with a case where we were being overcharged and charged for unauthorized work on a new home. From the moment we met, Louis asked pointed questions and always kept our best interest in mind. He made clear what the law was, but also included a tremendous amount of knowledge about precedents in this area of construction contracts as well as an understanding of how judges would interpret the case. He was patient as we gathered our evidence, and consistent with communication about where we stood. In the result, he negotiated a significant (~75%) reduction as a settlement, avoided court, and allowed us to move forward knowing there would be no additional or future costs/actions – all the while never even exhausted our retainer. We were so very glad to have been recommended to Louis, especially since a number of lawyers we know and inquired with would not take the case because of the specialized knowledge required to really help us.

Terri W.

Testimonial: Attorney Jeffrey Donofrio

Attorney Jeffrey Donofrio is the finest lawyer that I have ever worked with in government or the private sector. Jeffrey’s thorough and comprehensive knowledge of business issues, municipal issues, construction project issues and his overall encyclopedic understanding of Connecticut state statutes is very impressive. Jeffrey’s entire firm is a pleasure to work with. He and his entire staff are a wonderful asset to our government in North Haven.

I highly recommend Jeffrey to any organization, institution, corporation or municipality because of his outstanding skill set, knowledge base, responsiveness and overall business acumen. He is an unparalleled professional whose focus is always on how to help his clients. His level of consistency, in terms of performing at such a high level, delivering outstanding service, is truly a great benefit that we have been the recipients of.

Mike F.

I Wish There Were Better Than An Excellent Rating.

Louis assisted me with a contract agreement/ review which provided me with insight and education that ultimately led me to the decision to go in another direction. As a new business owner, Louis’ expertise, in my honest opinion, paved the way for my future success. I am a big proponent of educating the client to allow them to make the best decision without influencing them based on personal bias. Louis remained objective and explained every aspect of the process and defined all the legal jargon which revealed a much different picture from what the employer was verbally endorsing. I feel the time spent with Louis navigating that process was invaluable and would, without any reservation, recommend him.

Vincent W.

Could Not Ask for a Better Lawyer

Lou was the best lawyer a client could have. Not only did he empathize with my situation, but he went the extra mile to always keep me informed and clearly had my best interests in mind. I trust him 100% and feel he is an expert in his field. He puts the client first and truly makes you feel he is there to take care of you.


Testimonial: Attorney Jeff Donofrio

Attorney Jeff Donofrio is an excellent lawyer. His firm is extremely knowledgeable. I have worked with Jeff for almost 17 years. He is an attorney that I use as a “go to” person for information and advice. Jeff is always very responsive and professional. I would recommend Jeff and his firm to others and have done so on many occasions.

Sarah S.

Best Lawyer

Lou is a very honest and a very knowledgeable individual. He helped us through a time when I was at a cross road in making a difficult decision .He made it look so simple and was very clear in explaining the whole process .He is very prompt and doesn’t waste time in returning your calls and keeps you abreast with the day to day progress which is what I loved about the guy!

The services provided by Attorney Jeffrey Donofrio are excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable of the law and provides useful and practical advice. His communication skills are also very complete and timely.

Michael L.