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At Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP, “cookie-cutter” solutions are simply not an option. Every client is unique, with specific needs, goals and concerns. We have extensive experience negotiating and drafting a wide variety of contract documents and with each assignment, we bring the same practical, comprehensive approach.

Our approach is designed to maximize the client’s analysis and consideration of all business risks and then produce and negotiate a contract that minimizes our client’s exposure to those risks. Because of our extensive commercial litigation practice, we have the benefit of analyzing contract language from a litigation perspective. Our perspective is of great benefit to our clients because they need not review contract clauses in a vacuum — we have the experience to explain the potential long-term significance of various clauses and the ability to cost-effectively produce beneficial contract documents for our clients on a consistent basis.

Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP : Contract Drafting Attorneys

We are, first and foremost, a civil litigation firm. More than half of our litigation matters involve some type of contract dispute. Thus, we know firsthand the damage that can occur as a result of contracts with ill-conceived language. Our lawyers are strong advocates for open and complete communication throughout the contract negotiation phase. We offer a comprehensive, yet cost-effective, approach to developing strong contracts. Contact our North Haven law firm today to meet with an experienced attorney who is prepared to protect your interests. You will be pleasantly surprised with how cost effective our contract review and drafting services are!

Offering Comprehensive Contract Drafting Services

Our firm’s contracts attorneys tailor their approach based on clients’ current and future needs and goals. We devote substantial time to working with our clients to understand their business needs, goals and concerns. We are always interested in learning about our client’s top priorities and primary concerns for each transaction that is the subject of a contract we are asked to review, negotiate and/or draft. We also discuss with each client what the likely scenarios are in the event that either party fails to fulfill its contractual obligations. We seek to stimulate the client’s thought about each transaction so that we can best capture his or her goals and concerns in the final work product.

Because of our litigation background, we assume that contract disputes are somewhat inevitable. We endeavor to assist our clients in avoiding disputes by authoring clear, unambiguous contracts, which are enforceable and beneficial to our clients.

Put Our Connecticut Law Firm’s Experience to Work for You

Whether you need a contract reviewed, need a contract drafted, are being charged with a breach of contract or want to know what your rights are under an existing contract, we are prepared to assist you in achieving your goals. Many of our new clients come to us after the conclusion of litigation involving a contract they were a party to. We offer a variety of fee arrangements for services in this area, and the cost-benefit is usually lopsided towards the benefit when it comes to contract review and revision.

For high-quality, cost-effective legal representation, turn to the attorneys of Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP in North Haven. Contact our Connecticut law firm today to learn how we can be of assistance to you.

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