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Protecting the Interests of Connecticut Businesses

Corporations are in business to make money. Sometimes, in order to effectively protect its financial interests, a corporation must initiate legal action. At the law firm of Ciulla & Donofrio in North Haven, Connecticut, we provide skilled legal representation for companies seeking to protect their interests through the pursuit of plaintiff’s litigation.

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Corporations that are planning to undertake litigation must first evaluate the potential risks and benefits of any legal action as it can be both time-consuming and costly. At the outset of our representation, our lawyers will conduct a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the claims in order to help our corporate clients fully understand what to expect from the litigation process.

Being right just isn’t enough; for litigation to be a wise business decision, you must be able to recover more than just expenses. We will help you determine the full costs of business litigation, and the potential range of recovery. Ultimately, we will help you evaluate whether pursuing litigation as a corporate plaintiff will advance your business interests.

We handle the full spectrum of issues that many corporate clients encounter as plaintiffs, including:

  • Contract and tort claims by and against vendors, customers, former employees and competitors. Protecting intellectual property assets following unsuccessful attempts at merger or acquisition
  • Handling property tax appeals for corporations that believe their real property has been overvalued
  • Representing creditors in bankruptcy matters, to prevent the discharge of debts acquired through fraud or misrepresentation
  • Enforcing non-compete agreements and protecting trade secrets
  • Resolving land use and zoning disputes with municipalities

For more information about our representation of corporate plaintiffs, or to discuss your legal concerns with an experienced business law attorney, contact us today.

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