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In every industry, businesses depend on a steady stream of cash flow. This is especially true in tough economic times when credit is tight, margins are thin and the viability of a business depends upon its ability to obtain payment for the goods or services it provides.

Since 1996, the litigation attorneys at Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP have provided strategic counsel to a wide range of businesses throughout Connecticut. We are intimately familiar with the challenges businesses face from delinquent customers. The strain on a business caused by delinquent clientele is measured in more than the amount of the account receivable – it includes the cost of lost opportunities.

Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP: Commercial Collections Attorneys

At Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP, we are committed to securing clients’ interests in commercial collections. We know that our clients are frequently in competition with other creditors attempting to procure payment and that immediate action is the rule. Do not let delinquent accounts receivable damage your business; instead, enlist our assistance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our New Haven law firm.

Offering Strategic Counsel in Commercial Debt Collections

Every attorney in our firm is experienced in collecting a wide variety of business debts and is very familiar with all of the statutory and common law mechanisms for collecting money in Connecticut. The lawyers of Ciulla & Donofrio tailor their approach to help business clients maximize their financial recovery options. Every client is unique, with different priorities and different concerns. However, we take advantage of our extensive collection of pleadings, discovery, briefs, payment agreements and related documents to minimize the time and expense required to handle a matter.

We make the effort to understand our clients’ business objectives and this knowledge makes us more effective advocates and counselors. We also recognize that many businesses are reluctant to aggressively pursue a past due account because they desire to maintain the relationship with their client. We only provide the specific services that are required to accomplish our clients’ goals, and we do everything within our control to secure payment without adversely impacting our clients’ business relationships. We make this happen through our clear, professional and direct communication and negotiation skills. We understand that our clients come to us for assistance in solving a business problem and many are best served by both collecting the debt and maintaining their relationship with the debtor.

At Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP, we also understand that some businesses have already exhausted non-judicial avenues of debt collection and need aggressive, immediate help. We strike fast through locating assets and pursuing prejudgment remedies to secure the ultimate judgment.

The attorneys at our firm also understand that winning the case but not collecting the debt is never the goal — thus we focus on maximizing our collection efforts in a timely and cost-effective manner, including effectively using all available post-judgment remedies. The collection efforts do not stop in Connecticut. We work with a variety of law firms throughout the United States as local counsel and will pursue domestication and recognition of a Connecticut judgment, as well as independent collection actions in other states.

Put Our Firm’s Experience to Work for You

For high-quality, cost-effective legal representation, turn to the attorneys of Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP in North Haven. Contact our law firm today to learn how we can be of assistance to you.

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