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The attorneys of Ciulla & Donofrio have extensive experience representing clients involved in appeals of trial court decisions. We have developed a successful track record of representing our clients in both state and federal appeals.

Ciulla & Donofrio LLP: Appellate Law Attorneys
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Much of our appellate practice is devoted to defending lower court rulings that favored our clients. In many instances, we begin preparing for an appeal the moment the original trial ends. Our lawyers understand the rules of appellate procedure and take the necessary steps at the trial court level to preserve our clients’ appellate rights and claims.

In addition, our knowledge of the trial court proceedings saves our clients time and money; rather than paying another attorney to get up to speed on the relevant legal issues and strategies, our clients can rely on us to continue building the case we have already spent so much time developing.

You don’t want to bring an appeal just to have a second bite at the apple or delay the inevitable. You want to win. Our lawyers not only understand how to properly preserve issues for appeal in the trial court, but also the importance of identifying the strongest issues for appeal and making a record that provides the maximum opportunity for success in the event that an appeal is taken.

— Attorney Jeffrey M. Donofrio

We take pride in the quality of the written work product that we produce when handling appellate law matters. Using sophisticated online research tools, we avail ourselves of every available resource and take great care in our written advocacy. We are proud to be recognized for our “typically thorough” briefs.

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