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The prolonged economic weakness in our region has dramatically impacted the construction industry. A lack of financial resources has caused a spike in cancelled projects and unpaid work. If you are a contractor or subcontractor seeking to obtain payment from an owner or general contractor/construction manager, secure your rights with an experienced construction law firm. You must act quickly to protect, preserve and perfect your legal rights!

Since 1996, Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP has handled a wide variety of payment disputes for contractors on public and private projects. Our law firm will act quickly to protect you from the potential loss of revenue and the resulting risk to the stability, if not viability, of your business. We also understand that in many cases, our clients want to get paid AND maintain an amicable relationship with the party they are seeking payment from. We pride ourselves in developing and implementing the right approach for each unique client in each unique scenario.

Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP: The Construction Lien Attorneys

At Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP, we have an extensive background handling complicated construction payment disputes, often involving several parties directly or indirectly. Our familiarity with all phases of construction litigation at state and federal levels has positioned us to effectively secure our clients’ rights. When the stakes are high, entrust your dispute solutions to our law firm. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in North Haven.

Advocating for Contractors and Subcontractors

Property owners and funding authorities are also experiencing fiscal stress in Connecticut. As a result, sometimes an owner will improperly withhold progress payments or final payment without a valid basis. Also, owners may sometimes attempt to claim that work was substandard or even defective. The construction lawyers at our firm respond aggressively to allegations of faulty or imperfect work.

Owners should pay for work that was properly and timely performed, and we are committed to devising creative approaches that result in a “win-win” outcome for both parties. However, make no mistake, if our client requires aggressive litigation of a dispute, we are fully committed to deploying all necessary resources to the endeavor

We utilize tools and strategies designed to secure prompt resolution of payment disputes without the expenditure of significant legal fees. In Connecticut, mechanics’ liens provide a safeguard for parties providing labor or materials in connection with a construction project. However, the mechanics’ lien statute is somewhat technical and complete compliance is necessary in order to properly perfect a contractor’s lien rights. Likewise, on public projects and some private jobs, payment bonds provide security to unpaid contractors – if pursued in a timely manner.

At Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP, we understand and have taught seminars about the mechanics’ lien and payment bond laws in Connecticut, and we regularly prepare and file mechanics’ liens and payment bond claims for our contractor clients. Our experience and technical skills help us protect our clients from any potential obstacles during the construction lien process.

Put Our Law Firm’s Experience to Work for You

For high-quality, cost-effective legal representation, turn to the attorneys of Ciulla & Donofrio, LLP in North Haven. Contact our law firm today to learn how we can be of assistance to you.

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